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“Lisa and Dennis Herrera remember daughter Bella not as a disabled child but as a happy 7-year-old who loved Barbie and the color pink. She died last January after losing oxygen during a school bus ride. The pink tree was purchased in her memory.”  - Rob Shaw, The Tampa Tribune – RIVERVIEW – When Bella [...]

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Hillsborough County charged with civil rights violation  Channel 13 News, “The Hillsborough County School Superintendent has called for a special task force to review existing school procedures for special need students.  The internal review comes after the death of two special need students.” Dalia Dangerfield, Reporter. Isabella (Bella) Herrera died after choking and losing consciousness [...]

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“She didn’t have to die”   A seven year old second grade student died after a ride on the school bus.  Isabella (Bella) Herrera suffered from muscular dystrophy a condition that made it nearly impossible for her neck muscles to support her head and keep it upright.  When Bella’s head isn’t supported properly, it tends [...]

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Isabella (Bella) died at the hands of the Hillsborough County School District Bella Herrera, a 7 year old second grader at the Hillsborough County School District died a day after a bus ride home from school. Bella was a special needs child who suffered from a neuromuscular disease that gave her very limited control of [...]

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Lisa and Dennis Herrera’s 7 year old special needs child – daughter – Bella Herrera – dies after riding on a school bus Bella suffered from a neuromuscular disorder that caused her to have limited neck strength, therefore, when the school bus drove over bumps little Bella’s head would fall forward making it impossible for [...]

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What happened to 7 year old Bella is unacceptable. This is the kind of systemic problem we want to fight.  Bella is a special needs child who died while riding on a school bus.  The Hillsborough County school district is being sued by the parents of a 7 year old little girl (Bella Herrera) who [...]

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A 7 year old little girl with special needs dies during a school bus ride MEDIA RELEASE “The parents of a 7-year-old Sessums Elementary School special needs student who died in January on a school bus transporting her home are suing the Hillsborough County School District over their daughter’s death. Lisa and Dennis Herrera claim [...]

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Special Needs Children The abuse of special needs children in schools is an ongoing problem and can have tragic life-long consequences for the victims. The Maher Law Firm is committed to help these vulnerable children and their families. Often, after completing an investigation of specific claims, our team is able to show that there are [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day From Maher Law Firm   At Maher Law Firm we would like to honor all Mothers and thank them for all they do. We would also like to  share  a link to a very  powerful article by Maria Lin, Editor-in-chief, LearnVest. Lin opens up about the personal struggle she deals with as a [...]

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Special Needs Children … For the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members. Pearl S. Buck The Maher Law firm has focused on representation of our most vulnerable members of our community for over two decades. The elderly as well and children and adults with special needs have relied [...]