Special Needs Children Left Without Choices

Florida education centers that serve severely disabled students received ‘F’ grades from the state for 2012 The A-to-F school grading system is a measure of the individual public schools quality. In an article by, Lauren Roth and Leslie Postal, Orlando Sentinel – An ‘F’ grade school is required to offer students transfers to better-performing schools. [...]

School District Being Sued After A Special Needs Child Dies

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Lisa and Dennis Herrera’s 7 year old special needs child – daughter – Bella Herrera – dies after riding on a school bus Bella suffered from a neuromuscular disorder that caused her to have limited neck strength, therefore, when the school bus drove over bumps little Bella’s head would fall forward making it impossible for [...]

Special Needs Child Dies

What happened to 7 year old Bella is unacceptable. This is the kind of systemic problem we want to fight.  Bella is a special needs child who died while riding on a school bus.  The Hillsborough County school district is being sued by the parents of a 7 year old little girl (Bella Herrera) who [...]

A Little Girl Dies During A School Bus Ride

Isabella (Bella) was a 7 year old little girl in 2nd grade who died after riding on the school bus. According to claims, the school officials on the school bus never phoned 911. Instead they phoned a supervisor, then eventually Bella’s mother. Bella’s mother was the one to phone 911 many heart wrenching minutes later. [...]