A Little Girl Dies During A School Bus Ride

Isabella (Bella) was a 7 year old little girl in 2nd grade who died after riding on the school bus. According to claims, the school officials on the school bus never phoned 911. Instead they phoned a supervisor, then eventually Bella’s mother. Bella’s mother was the one to phone 911 many heart wrenching minutes later. [...]

7 Things You Should Know About A Special Needs Parent

Happy Mother’s Day From Maher Law Firm   At Maher Law Firm we would like to honor all Mothers and thank them for all they do. We would also like to  share  a link to a very  powerful article by Maria Lin, Editor-in-chief, LearnVest. Lin opens up about the personal struggle she deals with as a [...]

Two Epilepsy Drugs May Increase Risk of Birth Defects

It is widely known that the use of certain prescription drugs during pregnancy may increase the risk for birth defects in newborns. In fact, two FDA-approved epilepsy medications, Keppra and Lamictal, are examples of prescription medications that could cause harm when taken in pregnancy. For some, the way these drugs are currently classified is cause [...]