Join The Campaign To End Restraint & Seclusion Abuse In Schools

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Stop Hurting Kids is the national campaign to end restraint and seclusion abuse in schools. Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Stories (working title) is a new film by Dan Habib, Filmmaker at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. In the film, Jino Medina, Brianna Hammon, Helena Stephenson and Peyton Goddard describe the restraint and [...]

Keeping All Students Safe Act (HR 1893)

On May 9, Congressman George Miller (D-CA), ranking member of the House Education & Workforce Committee and Congressman Gregg Harper (R-MS) introduced the Keeping All Students Safe Act, HR 1893, a bill to protect all students nationwide from restraint and seclusion. Please CALL your members of Congress and ask them to Cosponsor and Support the [...]

Special Needs Children | Autism | Muscular Dystrophy

“She didn’t have to die”   A seven year old second grade student died after a ride on the school bus.  Isabella (Bella) Herrera suffered from muscular dystrophy a condition that made it nearly impossible for her neck muscles to support her head and keep it upright.  When Bella’s head isn’t supported properly, it tends [...]

Special Needs Children

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Isabella (Bella) died at the hands of the Hillsborough County School District Bella Herrera, a 7 year old second grader at the Hillsborough County School District died a day after a bus ride home from school. Bella was a special needs child who suffered from a neuromuscular disease that gave her very limited control of [...]

School District Being Sued After A Special Needs Child Dies

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Lisa and Dennis Herrera’s 7 year old special needs child – daughter – Bella Herrera – dies after riding on a school bus Bella suffered from a neuromuscular disorder that caused her to have limited neck strength, therefore, when the school bus drove over bumps little Bella’s head would fall forward making it impossible for [...]

A Little Girl Dies During A School Bus Ride

Isabella (Bella) was a 7 year old little girl in 2nd grade who died after riding on the school bus. According to claims, the school officials on the school bus never phoned 911. Instead they phoned a supervisor, then eventually Bella’s mother. Bella’s mother was the one to phone 911 many heart wrenching minutes later. [...]

Disabled Students Are Being Restrained Unnecessarily

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“Restraint and seclusion are totally out of control” said Phyllis Musumeci, a Florida Brevard County parent who founded Parents Against Restraint and Seclusion. Disabled children have been restrained for non-aggressive behavior without their parents consent. According to data reported to the state of Florida, Orange County schools restrained their students 952 times during the 2011-2012 [...]