Special Needs Child Dies

What happened to 7 year old Bella is unacceptable. This is the kind of systemic problem we want to fight.  Bella is a special needs child who died while riding on a school bus. 

The Hillsborough County school district is being sued by the parents of a 7 year old little girl (Bella Herrera) who died by choking while riding on a school bus.

Lisa and Dennis Herrera filed suit against the school district on Thursday, claiming their daughters civil rights were violated when they failed to properly position her in her wheelchair, monitor her and provide medical care for her when she started choking during a school bus ride.

Steve Maher, the couple’s attorney, said “no one even took this girl out of her seat, all this while the bus is stopped in front of a pediatrics clinic.”

“How the situation was handled goes beyond just the two workers on the bus, it’s a problem that trickles down from the highest level of state government.  This is about a system that’s turned its back on the needy, all the state had to do was provide Bella with what the federal government was paying them to do.” said Maher.

“This is the kind of systemic problem we want to fight, we don’t want this to continue to happen.” Maher said

Special needs children need our help, click here to read the full story.



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