School District Being Sued After A Special Needs Child Dies

special needs children | bella herrera | The Maher Law FirmLisa and Dennis Herrera’s 7 year old special needs child – daughter – Bella Herrera – dies after riding on a school bus

Bella suffered from a neuromuscular disorder that caused her to have limited neck strength, therefore, when the school bus drove over bumps little Bella’s head would fall forward making it impossible for her to breath.

After an aide on the bus noticed Bella’s distress, she instructed the driver to alert the bus dispatch center to phone 911, stating, “she can’t breath, she’s turning blue.”

Bellas mom is eventually phoned, she arrives on the scene with in minutes, starts CPR and then she phones 911.

The Herreras are bringing a lawsuit against Sessums Elementary after their daughter, Bella died after choking during a school bus ride. Claiming that school officials aboard the bus never even called 911, but instead phoned a supervisor.

Their attorney Steve Maher said, “how the situation was handled goes beyond just the two workers on the bus, it’s a problem that trickles down from the highest level of state government  This is about a system that’s turned its back on the needy, all the state had to do was provide Bella with what the federal government was paying them to do.”

Mr. Maher went on to say, “This is the kind of systemic problem we want to fight, we don’t want this to continue to happen.”

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